Paloma Cocktails

I’ll be honest, I went into this cocktail recipe with a bad attitude.

Mixology is not my specialty. I’ve never been too interested in booze, and pouring a glass of wine is just so much easier. Or a beer? Great, I don’t even have to mess with the cork! Nate shares my preference for wine and beer, and so there you have it. A very skimpy “drinks” section on the recipe page of this blog.

However. There was a little something called the 2013 fail post. And believe it or not, the jalapeno grapefruit margarita fail was the one I was most disappointed about. Margaritas are my cocktail of choice, and seriously, how hard can they be to make? All you have to is like… stir fruit juices together in a glass. Why can I not mix a cocktail to save my life? I needed some serious redemption after those failed margs.

So, here we are again, Cinco de Mayo time, and I decided I had to conquer a grapefruit tequila cocktail. I was not too confident in my skills, though… so I bought cheap tequila. Am I going to spring for the Patron just so I can complain about it in this year’s fail post? No thank you.

Luckily, I needn’t have worried. They turned out delicious, cheap tequila and all. Redemption! This leads to me to believe that you can NOT mess up these cocktails, no matter how poor your mixology skills.

If you love margaritas, palomas are a fun twist – a sparkling grapefruit version! Delicious. I almost feel like I have to apologize, though, for the fact that these have limes in them. Limes are SO expensive lately (the ones I used here cost $0.89 each!), apparently due to a poor harvest in Mexico? Turns out I was taking those 3-for$1 limes for granted all these years. However, a tequila cocktail without lime would be like The Bachelor without Chris Harrison. Unfathomable! Must use limes.

These would be a fun way to mix it up for Cinco de Mayo. I know I’ll be making them, since not only did I stock up on cheap tequila, but on grapefruits and limes, too… you know, in case I just had to try these out 4 or 5 times to make sure they were good. Hmm, maybe they could use some more testing after all… :)

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Paloma Cocktails